*🇮🇳India Falls 3 Places in Latest 🌐Global Hunger Index*

With more than a fifth (21%) of its children wasted–low weight for height–India ranks 100 of 119 countries in the 2017 Global Hunger Index (GHI), down three places from 97 last year. Only in three other countries–Djibouti, Sri Lanka and South Sudan–are more than 20% of children wasted.

India ties with Djibouti and Rwanda for the 100th rank, and with a score of 31.4 of 100 (with 0 being best and 100 the worst), India’s 2017 GHI falls at the high end of the “serious” category.

India’s wasting rate has not substantially improved over the last 25 years, even though the child stunting rate has improved over this period. “Given that three-quarters of South Asia’s population resides in India, the situation in that country strongly influences South Asia’s regional score,” the 2017 GHI report said.

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