It stands for a major technological breakthrough in India
based on (i) improved seeds of high yielding varieties, (ii) adequate and assured
supply of water for irrigation, and (iii) increased and appropriate application of
chemical fertilizers for increasing agricultural production.

White Revolution:

It stands for remarkable increase in milk production and
establishment of a national milk grid, removing regional and seasonal imbalances.
Among the technological inputs are (i) crossbreeding of indigenous cows with high
milk yielding European breed; (ii) pasteurization of milk for keeping it for a longer
duration; (iii) collection of quality milk from members in rural areas; and (iv)
refrigerated transport system which helps sending milk to far off metropolitan
centres both by road and rail.

Blue Revolution:

It refers to big rise in catching of fresh water and marine fish.

Yellow Revolution:

It refers to remarkably steady and assured supply of poultry

Pink Revolution:

It refers to a considerable rise in the production of quantity
of apples particularly in the states of Himachal Pradesh and J& K.

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