Help private sector bridge infra gaps

The technology industry is pitching for a bigger govern- ment contribution to building the computing infrastructure to push innovation in AI. Gol has a multidimensional role to play in generative AI. It has to put in place a frame- work for responsible deployment, help the private sector to bridge infrastructure gaps, and improve delivery of public services by employing machine learning (ML) in governance. The three aspects are interrelated. Govern- ment deployment should ideally set ethical benchmarks for the private sector. This calls for early intervention over computing infrastructure. Government use of generative AI should improve policy design and engagement even as the public sector is a notable laggard in adoption due to a specific set of issues.

Accelerated government deployment of AI will help In- dia overcome some of its chronic deficiencies in research, access and funding. Indian companies do not possess significant AI skills bec- ause technology training institutes do not impart them to an adequate num- ber of students. The country does not have any generative AI model like Ch- atGPT. We also have limited access to cloud computing on which large lang- uage models need to train. A national AI strategy needs to tackle the lack of expertise, ensure data security and cre- ate infrastructure for AI adoption. Within the public sec- tor, Gol will have to build multidisciplinary skills for iden- tifying use cases for AI. Internal controls will have to be imposed for an accountable approach to deploying AI. Gov deployment of AI will require greater transparency than business. Data privacy must be upheld even though the law has provided carve-outs for government agencies.

Increased exposure to AI capability would require dedi- cated funding. Gol may have a small window to shape pub- lic sector adaptability before AI brings about major social transformation. It would do well to heed the technology industry’s call for infrastructure ramp-up. That may off- set some of the late-mover disadvantage the economy may face in AI.

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