As per NITI Aayog Report, which is based on National Family Health Survey (NFHS) 2019-21, the Multidimensional Poverty (MP) has come down.


2015-16. 2019-21

Overall MP 24.85% 14.96%
Rural MP 32.59% 19.28%
Urban MP 08.65% 05.27%

The overall reduction in multidimensional poverty is 9.89% (24.85% – 14.96%) during this period which has resulted in moving 13.5 crore (9.89% of 137 crore) out of poverty. So, we can say that there are still 14.96% of 137 crore = 20.5 crore people under multidimensional poverty.

The Global MPI (2023) as developed by Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative and UNDP says that there are around 16.4% people in India under multidimensional poverty.

The data as published by NITI Aayog which says that there are still 14.96% multidimensionally poor in 2019-21.

In 2011-12, there were 21.9% (27 crore) people poor in India as per Tendulkar Committee report and 29.5% (36 crore) were poor as per Rangarajan Committee. This was based on per capita expenditure on food and non-food items. Govt. did not accept any of the committee findings formally.

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